Responsive Customer Service

Qualiseal’s responsive customer service, along with our engineering expertise, unmatched reliability, consistent on-time delivery and greater overall value, have raised the bar for the industry.

We carefully listen to your needs to create the solution that gives you the highest quality product at the lowest total cost. For example, a customer approached us with a request for reduced leakage in a current application. One company said it couldn’t be done. Another wouldn’t return the call. Instead of the standard 3-5 drops an hour, we improved results to meet the required leakage amount.

Our quoting process is so in-depth, there won’t be surprises on price, quality or delivery. We simulate manufacturing, up to procurement of all materials and processing of components—including in-house and outside processing—all before we release a quote.

Our lead time is 10-12 weeks, instead of the typical 20-30 week industry standard. We strive to maintain 100% on-time delivery.

Since we are leaner than our competitors, you get responsive, timely assistance without going through layers of people, meetings, emails and voicemail messages.

We also offer outstanding technical support. We’ve heard that some companies just don’t take the time to give in-depth explanations like we do.

In short, when working with Qualiseal Technology, you’ll get the support that you expect and deserve.