Relentless Testing

Testing is an integral part of the way we do business. It’s rooted in our quality policy, which is “to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations by continually improving all aspects of the company.”

Even before our designs leave an engineer’s computer screen, they undergo an extraordinarily thorough review. This includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to ensure that materials and design meet original specifications. A review of this design data is performed against our many years of testing data and field experience. Additionally, this assessment provides stress, deflection, leakage and temperature data to guide design decisions. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reviews are also performed to ensure manufacturability and create optimal production processes.

To further ensure product integrity and conformity with design criteria, all mechanical seals are subject to 100% static testing prior to shipment. This includes:

  • Flatness Testing. Qualiseal uses the most accurate method of inspection for seal face flatness available today, laser profilometry.
  • Spring Load Force Testing. All Qualiseal mechanical face seals are tested 100% for spring load force at the designed minimum and maximum working heights. This helps ensure proper seal loading to design requirements.
  • Leakage Testing. All Qualiseal mechanical face seals are subject to 100% static vacuum test at design working height. This checks for leakage at both the primary (seal face) and secondary (O-ring) sealing surfaces.

Before shipping, every product again undergoes a final inspection to ensure conformity to design specifications. All inspection documentation, including product traveler, material/process certifications and inspection reports, is electronically filed, ensuring that records and traceability are protected and easily accessed. Our quality system is registered under the AS9100 standard and is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Comprehensive dynamic testing—including lifecycle testing and side-by-side performance testing—is available in our Performance Verification Lab.