Mechanical Face Seals

Your extreme environment has finally met its match.

Qualiseal’s precision mechanical face seals are designed for optimum performance in the most demanding aerospace sealing applications where high speed and vibration are the norm, and where there is moderate axial shaft movement. 

Qualiseal designs both contacting (rubbing) and non-contacting (film-riding) face seals and offers a broad range of design options and materials to meet your demanding performance criteria. 

With the aid of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), mechanical face seal design at Qualiseal Technology is optimized to meet or exceed the most extreme unit operating conditions, with long life and reliable performance. 



  • Low to virtually zero leakage
  • Reduced friction and power loss
  • Long operating life
  • Compatible with high-pressure, corrosive environments
  • Versatile range of applications


  • Precision lapped surfaces for consistent and reliable dynamic sealing
  • Compact construction
  • Wide variety of configurations and materials to satisfy space limitations, leakage and speed, temperature and pressure requirements

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