Performance Verification Lab

Qualiseal Technology maintains a state-of-the-art Performance Testing Laboratory that performs dynamic testing in three key areas:

  • Proof of Concept for new designs
  • Validation of Qualiseal’s design or vs. an existing design
  • R&D that explores new designs and materials

Our simulation capabilities include:

  • Lifecycle testing—tests products for durability over time at standard operating speeds and pressures
  • Accelerated lifecycle testing—subjects products to extreme conditions to test the limits of performance
  • Side-by-Side performance testing—compares the condition of two alternative product designs over time

Go ahead. Challenge us with your current seal. Let us test it against a seal that we custom-design for you that has an important variation that can offer considerable value for your business. We’ll compare the leakage for each one, document it, and show you how Qualiseal designs perform to higher standards.